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Excellent Example of Video Marketing

Why are you afraid to be creative? Are you worried about a negative affect your marketing activity may have on your business? While that is understandable that is no excuse for being boring. Why? Because being boring has a negative affect on your business!!! Do something memorable. Do something amazing. Create a crazy situation and … Continue reading

How to write an awesome auto responder

1. Start with a question or a quote. 2. Include unusual trivia of your trip. 3. Create a humorous video/picture/landing page as your “If you need immediate assistance” then provide the correct contact information. 4. Use a different language. Then translate. 5. Encourage people to spread the word about something other than your absence. I … Continue reading

How an Ant Tells His Friends about a Cookie

Let’s start with a short story, shall we? An ant finds a cookie on the ground. 10 minutes later there are hundreds of ants all eating and carrying pieces of the cookie to the colony. Now there are lots of happy ants. The end. So how did he do it!? How was an ant, who … Continue reading

Labor Day: A Marketing Story

Do you know the history of Labor Day? Neither did I. (Thanks Wikipedia!) Though now that I do there is a beneficial story that applies to our businesses and marketing plans today. In 1894, railroad workers went on a large-scale strike that temporarily halted production of Pullman railroad cars. Workers refused to have anything to … Continue reading

Your Ideal Social Media Strategy

Sound an alarm or start a fire? This question is something we must ask ourselves before we implement a social media strategy. Carefully note the differences in approach. An alarm is loud and interrupting. It captures the attention of some people, especially people that haven’t heard it before. Certain people may even respond to the … Continue reading

Cut through the noise and create magnificant content.

Recently major marketing players have been pushing the importance of “content.” What makes content great? I personally feel like great content is: 1. Emotionally stimulating 2. New and interesting 3. Memorable 4. Vivid Remember that people share information that they think is important and improves their image. So if your content is hilarious and memorable, … Continue reading

6 Lessons from a poor exuse for marketing

Recently I came across a company that I just had to post about. After a couple searches and two marketing videos I was astonished someone actually paid for such pitiful marketing. Here are a few lessons I want to share about marketing from a terrible example. Lose the ego. When a company’s’ biggest fan is … Continue reading

7 ways to create a viral video

Key ingredients¬†for creating a viral video (as promised): Stay below 5 minutes in length Include content involving current trends Content should be hilarious, shocking, inspiring, heart-wrenching, and/or incredible Personally, I recommend going with a hilarious video! I always share videos with which I can share a laugh You need to be able to hear everything … Continue reading

The Future is Video Marketing

Most marketers may agree that video marketing plays an important role in an overall marketing strategy. Most marketers may agree that viral videos increase brand awareness. However I am not hearing many marketers talking about the immense popularity of video marketing and the longevity of its impact. First, the stats. The annual growth of YouTube … Continue reading